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 The Forum Rules

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Hi.....wht?...Want my autograph?Here~Vipansh!
Hi.....wht?...Want my autograph?Here~Vipansh!

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PostSubject: The Forum Rules   The Forum Rules EmptyFri Jan 02, 2009 2:39 pm

User names & Registration

  • 1. You shall provide an accurate and correct email address on registration. Only administrators have access to these. In addition, all information you choose to give in your public profile shall be accurate, and updated regularly.
  • 2. You may only have one user name, and once account active at a time. You may not operate under different aliases at any time.
  • 3. You may not impersonate any person in the community, or world.
  • 4. You will not impersonate a member of staff, or staff member in the community.
  • Topics & Posting
  • 1. You will use English on this forum. Any language in topics, posts, polls, or personal messenger is strictly prohibited.
  • 2. Foul language shall not be tolerated. It is not permitted to rely on the world filter. When rude words are used they will be replaced with -BLEEP-. We will then give you an infractioN!
  • 3. Defamatory, hateful, or distressing posts are strictly prohibited.
  • 4. Posting a thread addressing an individual in any content is prohibited.
  • 7. Multiple topics on the same subject, multiple posting, and spamming is strictly prohibited. AKA if you post once, and then again without a reply inbetween.
  • 8. Racist, sexist, or any discriminating comments are not to be made on this forum.
  • 9. You MUST report all posts that break the rules, via the report button on the message frame.
  • 10. Retaliatory remarks and arguing with another member is strictly banned, and you will have the same action taken as the provoke/arguer.
  • Images & Signatures
  • 1. Signature images may not contain an image of objectionable, or illegal content.
  • 2. Signature images may not be bigger than 500X300 pixels, and no more than three images of all sizes.
  • 3. Text and writing may not target anyone/thing/group in a negative, harassing way, and may not contain more than three lines in a large font.
  • Staff Members.
  • The "red" staff members are called Administrators, They manage information regarding member's personal information and act as "President" of the forum. The administrator who is "root", or "Member Number 1" acts as head of the forum, and is responsible for content within. That person controls all registries, and has final say on all matters within the forum. You agreed on registration that you would abide by the administrator's decisions, although agreement with them is left at your digression.
  • The Administrators have the final say on everything.
  • Action taken by administrators, and global moderators:
  • Locking a Topic: Topics will be locked when further discussion is not needed, or when there is an argument, and the content is not hugely vulgar. Vulgar posts will be edited or deleted.
  • Deletion of a/post: This will take place when a post is not appropriate in any way.
  • Spiting Posts: One post is separated to create a new topic - this will happen if a good topic is hijacked by a valid and appropriate topic, but discussions lead in separate ways.
  • Merging Posts: this will happen when two posts of similar content run in parallel, and are combined into one topic.
  • Warning Action
  • Warn with no action: this shall occur when a "petty violation" is made, such as ignoring requests by staff for removal of a large signature etc. You will see the warn level increase, yet no action against your account permissions will be made.
  • Post right removal: This will take place when you have not followed guidelines to a severe level. It will have effect for either a few hours, days, or indefinitely - staff member's digression.
  • Post Moderation: This happens when you cannot be trusted to post decent, or applicable content. Moderators will decide which of the posts you make are viable to accept onto the board, and will delete those that are not. Time scales are as with "post right removal".
  • Account suspension: Your account will be disabled for a set amount of time when the staff decide that you need a complete "break" from the forum. This is one level down from an outright ban.
  • All of these options are reversible.
  • Banning Action:
  • The below options can be recommended by Global Moderators with reasonable ground, but these will be expedited bu administrators only.
  • Username deletion: Your account, and all traces of your presence on the forum will be deleted.
  • IP ban: This is for the most serious offenses. Law breaking, or consistent rule breaking. Your computer will be banned from the forum all together. No access is available at all.
  • You may appose any action taken towards you, or anyone else. Contact a red username only. Please include your account on what happened, and a URL to the post, or evidence. It will be the administrator's digression whether to back, or disagree with you, and you will respect this decision.
  • Posting Advice and Tips
  • 1. When posting, make sure it is in the correct forum, and has appropriate detail, and content.
  • 2. When replying, think of an appropriate response, do not respond because you can, respond when you have something worth saying. Make sure everything is readable, and makes sense before clicking the reply button.
  • 3. Read all sticky topics, they usually have important information in them.
  • 4. If you find yourself in a bad situation, leave your posts alone, do not edit them, report the topic.
  • 5. Do not diffuse situations yourselves, report the problem, and let our staff handle them.
  • 6. Treat people how you would like to be treated.
  • 7. When posting, be polite, a polite post will get more results, especially when you are requesting something.
  • Easy. For you, and your moderators you may not be familiar with the IPB moderating system, here are some documents that may help you.
  • Moderator Controls
  • These are situated below a thread. Enter the thread, and look at the bottom, these are in the drop down box.
  • Basic Post Controls
  • Move this topic - Move the topic to another forum.
  • Close this topic - Lock the topic, making it impossible to post in.
  • Delete this topic - Deleting the topic from the server.
  • Edit this topic - Editing the topics title, and description
  • Pin this topic - Putting the topic in the top box of the forum.
  • Merge this topic - Merging one topic to another.
  • Spit Topic - Ending the topic at one post, and starting a new post with the proceeding posts.
  • Make Topic Visible - Make topic visible to everyone
  • Make Topic Invisible - Make topic invisible to everyone, bar Global moderators and administrators.
  • Main Forum View Check boxes
  • Accessible at the top of the page by your log in, log out button.
  • Its main service is to provide the same functions as above, so I don't need to go into that really.
  • Just select all the topic you want locking, moving, deleting ect. By pressing the link into a particular forum, and highlighting the square boxes to the far right of the page, and using the drop down box underneath. This is only used for mass locking... You can use it if you want, but I have only ever used it in an administrative function before.
  • Allowing posts onto the board.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to put a member onto report, what this is, is that all posts, topics, and polls made by the username, have to be checked by one of you.
  • When there is a post or topic in the system, look on the main forum view, and you will see the number of posts that need managing, select which forum you want, check the posts, then you just read the post, and press move, delete, or accept. then press go, and the post will go public (if it is unacceptable just delete it straight off).
  • If you press manage members this enables you to edit the users profile, it is all self explanatory.
  • To allow it, just use the moderation option "Make Post Visible", you can also make posts/topics invisible if you need an officer to check it over.
  • Warning, and banning members.
  • To ban, warn, or Ban, and Warn, find the poster, either on the forum page, or through their profile, and look for their warn bar. The press the plus symbol, and you are brought to this page-
  • Fill in the information as needed, and the options for the ban.
  • Enforce moderator preview of all new posts - Puts the member on report, all posts previewed by staff, before they go public.
  • Disable this members posting ability - Member unable to post in any way.
  • Suspend member's account - Makes their account useless. This is a Ban.
  • You must file a report, and anything above 40%, you must also PM them.
  • Moderator Tools Within the Control Panel
  • If you want to view moderator tools you first need to log in, then click on My Controls, then your control panel shows up. After Options you will see Moderator Tools like IP Address Look-Up Tool Member Look-Up Tool, Manage Announcements.
  • IP Address Look-up Tools
  • When you click on IP Address Look-up Tools it will come up a text box it will say Enter IP Address so type in a IP Address like this 123.45.678.900 please don't used this one. After you type your IP Address click Run Tool. Notice you will see The host name for 123.45.678.900 is
  • Manage Announcements
  • If you want to Add A Announcements click on Manage Announcements in your controls panel, then at the bottom click Add Announcements, then next page will show up with all those text boxes, type in the Announcements Tittle called it anything like New Software Came Out, Type in start date 09-12-22 and end date 11-24-24 please don't used this one to, type in your Announcements Contact like Hello Members something like that, And make sure you pick a Active Forum thing to you may pick more then one in Active Forum box make sure you highlight it. After that's done you can enable HTML if you want. Then click on Add Announcements! Then users on the board can see the Announcements in the active topic.
  • Member Look-Up Tool
  • This Member Look-Up Tool is easy to used. Go to your my controls then click on Member Look-Up Tools, type any username as you wish to then click on Find User and was that easy.
  • ~Vipansh
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The Forum Rules
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